Writting Topic : Unemployment is getting increasingly serious in many countries

Unemployment is getting increasingly serious in many countries. Some people think students only need target primary education, while others think secondary education is necessary. What’s your opinion?

Now days an increasing number of people cannot find jobs in many countries. Some people argue that students only need to receive primary education, while others believe secondary education is necessary. I firmly believe that only primary education is insufficient for the holistic development of students and the value of secondary education cannot be undermined.

Those who say that only primary education should be there, feel that education has little influence on finding a job. To begin with, the competition for jobs is increasingly tough since there are more and more job seekers. Definitely, no matter what level educational person receives, he or she has to go to find a job finally, facing some competition. Therefore, the earlier one goes to find a position, the better for a person. Furthermore, they think people can acquire the technique through work instead of school. In other words, school education does not provide practical technique for factories. It is unnecessary for people to receive more education than primary courses. On the other hand, it is necessary for individuals to receive as much education as possible before they go to work. Firstly, secondary education plays a key role in the development of individuals. Secondly, education will definitely enhance the competition for work. The more education one receives, the more opportunities for jobs he will have. Secondary education is the barest minimum education every child should go through before stepping into the world of work. Last but not least, receiving more education will widen one’s horizons. Some of them, maybe, set up their own business, creating a new approach to unemployment.

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There is no doubt that if students step into the job market immediately after primary education, they will start earning early, but it is also true that they will remain at the same level of earning for years and years. What is more, primary education is complete at the tender age of ten and this is far too early to think about getting to work. In contrast those who step into the job market on the basis of their academic qualifications may be late in starting their jobs, but once they do so, they are better placed than those with only primary qualifications

To summarise, although primary education is sufficient for some kinds of work, I firmly believe that people should receive higher education before they go to work.

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