1. What are these questions?

You can see there would be a question paper or question book-lets in the exam, reading passage on the paper with the article you need to read.

There will be questions; each question there will be statements like:

  • Olympic Games were completely banned in Rome.
  • Winners were awarded with special signs.
  • In the previous time, women were eager to participate

You need to look at the statement and after that you need to read through the passage and find out the information related to the statement. If you find the information in the passage is true or statement agrees with the information then it is true. On the other hand, if the information is opposite or contradict the information then your answer would be false. Finally, if the information cannot be found read through the passage then your answer is not given.

This is the basic requirement of true/false/not given.

  • Let’s have a look for difference between yes/no/not given or true/false/not given.

Firstly, true, false, not given question are all about:



  • True/yes, false/no, Not given – It’s all about the writer opinion  its not about the facts we have to consider what the writer thinks



You can face many different traps and difficulties to solve these types of questions let e give you very useful and important tips now that will help you to get your questions correct.

  • Spend time reading and analysing the question statement properly like what they are asking about .

Most of the candidate jump to the question and read question quickly and try to find the answer that not a good technique and recommended go to the question and spend some time  looking at the words, loking at the meanings then try to find the answers as more time you spend n the answer then it would be more change you will get the right answer.

  • You are not trying to match key words, you must match meanings.

No need to look at the statement to find the key words and so of the candidate decide that’s true because you should not interested in matching words you should interested in matching meanings. So the understanding the passage and understanding the words is necessary.

  •  You need to do paraphrasing

Well, paraphrasing, vocabulary it is very important IELTS is totally based upon paraphrasing using range to different languages for the same meaning it will help you to identify where the answer is and yu actually get the right answer.

  • Look out for common traps for

 Comparison, one of the common traps is comparison if you see comparative sentence in question make sure will also find the comparison in passage like more or less than if it’s not then probably not given

All/some /majority also look these type of words it may be help you to find the abject location of the answer.

  • Is that true/false/not given or yes/no/not given use same techniques?

Everything we can read about true/false/not given as same like yes/no/not given.

  • Is that answer come in order?

This is such an important trick it means that number one answer come on the top and number 2 answer some under that then three, four, five so on. So each question follows the order of information in the passage that means you should always start with question number one find the question number one first and find the question number two. After that it is also important to keep your eye on next question. Some of the student find the question number one and then it might be question number two is not given and some of the student read whole passage it can come in between question one or three. Finally, not try wasting your time on reading and making an eye on the content of the reading it will save your lot of time as you know reading is one of the toughest parts of the IELTS because of the time limit saving time is very important keep your eye on next question

  • Can i write the letter instead of words?


No you need to write the appropriate word not letter

  • If the answer is true/false/not given can i write yes/no/not given?

No you cannot, write your answer what they ask you in question.

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