IELTS GENERAL TRAININGGeneral IELTS training proves your English language skills. The task reflects both workplace and social situation. Candidate can do this IELTS who need to work or get the vocational training from the English speaking native country. ILETS is required to get the visa for any country like Canada,  Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Let’s tour the General IELTS

Listening: It would be as same as the academic IELTS with 40 questions you have to correct at least 23 answers to get 6.0 Band. But your target in the genera IELTS should be ear about 7.0 Bands.

Reading: It is quite different from the academic reading you need to correct at least 30 answers to get 6.0 bands. However, to get the Canadian employment visa the requirement is 7.0 bands in three modules and 8.0 bands in after that you can be eligible to apply your visa for employment there is a criteria which IDP follows to give bands in reading and listening modules:


  BAND SCORE  9  8.5  8  7.5  7  6.5  6  5.5  5  4.5  4  3.5  3  2.5
  SCORE  40  39  37-38  36  34-35  32-33  30-31  27-29  23-26  19-22  15-18  12-14  9-11  6-8


  BAND SCORE  9  8.5  8  7.5  7  6.5  6  5.5  5  4.5  4  3.5  3  2.5
  SCORE    39-40  37-38  35-36  32-34  30-31  26-29  23-25  18-22  16-17  13-15  10-12  8-10  6-7  4-5

Writing: In writing module you will face 2 tasks that is:

task -1 and task-2

Firstly, In task-1 you have to do formal letter or informal letter it should be in 150 words and you get 20 minutes to write in final exam. The purpose of this module is to write letter to access your functional skills it is to check whether you will write different type of letters such as thank, complain, suggest, give information and ask information. The format of task-1 is you need to follow this format:

  1. A greeting (Dear sir/ madam, Dear John, Dear Smith)
  2. Main Body (Consisting of paragraph for each part of letter)
  3. A closing (Your Sincerely, Your faithfully, Best wishes)

Secondly, In task-2 it is the second part of the writing test where you presented your point of view argument or problem asked to write an essay in response. The essay should be in formal style at least 250 words in length you should aim to complete under 40 minutes.

Speaking: This module is as same as in academic module.

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